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Popular Pro features

Form to PDF

Form to PDF icon This is a great feature when you want to transform your visitor's submission into a PDF file. It works great with a Signature pad. The PDF file then can be easily printed or exchanged with your business partners and co-workers.

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Forms with Signature pad

Form Signature icon The Signature pad allows you to request a visitor's signature together with the submitted form. Make your visitor agree with your terms not just by clicking on a checkbox but by actual signing your policy.

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File Upload forms

File Upload Form icon The Upload functionality lets you receive files from your clients. The files then sit in your profile waiting for you to pick them up. Upload functionality works with all kind of forms and you can receive multiple files at once.

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Free ready-to-use web forms

Choose any form, copy the code, paste it to your site and it will work right away. Enjoy!

Accept Terms And Conditions With A Signature form (Pro)

Advertising Estimate form

Bug Tracker form (Pro)

Cheerleader Registration form

Church Donation form

Competition Entry form

Congregation Survey form

Contact Us form (non-builder)

Dinner Attendance Request form

Driver License Upload And Signature form (Pro)

Drop Us A Line! form

Employment Application form (non-builder)

Field Service Report form

Hotel Reservation form

House-to-House Record form

Invoice Payment form

Invoice Request form

Job Application With Resume Upload form (Pro)

Link Exchange Request form (non-builder)

Mailing List Subscription form

Newsletter Subscription form (non-builder)

Nice To Meet You! form

Non-profit Organization Information form

Policy With Signature form (Pro)

Product Review form

Report An Issue form

Report a Problem form (non-builder)

Sign Up form (non-builder)

Student Evaluation form (non-builder)

Table Reservation form

Team Performance Survey form

Testimonial form

Training Course Signup form

Trip Registration form

Volunteer Registration form

Volunteer Request form

Waitress Evaluation form

Website Visitor Profile form

Feel free to modify our forms to meet your requirements.

All forms contain a backlink to our site. You can move the link anywhere above the submit button, but do not remove or modify the link as the form will not work.

Fix and improve your existing forms

A simple modification to your existing form will let you:

  • Fix your existing form if it is not working... Well, here is the truth - your form will start working if the problem was within your form processor or, in many cases, within your code on the page; however there are cases when it will not help; then just let us know.
  • Protect your form from spam. We use a few layers of protection so you will be safe from pesky messages. Just remember to remove your old form processor because spambots can reach it even bypassing your webpage.
  • Add some awesome features, especially if you consider or Pro subscription; see the features here.

So just add this piece of code anywhere between your <form...> and </form> tags:

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://www.100forms.com/js/FORMKEY:JSYCEKAPB84R/SEND:my@email.com"></script>

where my@email.com is your email address.
The form submissions will be sent to your email address.

The only requirement is to add a backlink to our site. The link must be added into a visible place, be readable and stay in or above your form. Do not add "nofollow" attribute! Chose a code for the link:

<a href="https://www.100forms.com" id="lnk100" title="web forms">web forms</a>

<a href="https://www.100forms.com" id="lnk100" title="web forms">This form is serviced by 100forms.com</a>

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