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Pro forms - the most reliable way to receive online orders.

Remarkable value for $12.95 per month!


There is no set up fee or any other extra fees.
No contract needed, you can cancel at any time.
We accept all major credit cards and PayPal payments.

Access to stored submissions

With Pro forms you never lose your valuable submissions even if your email box is full or down.
All your form submissions are stored in your Pro account and can be viewed, sorted and filtered using your browser.

Form to Excel Spreadsheet

Your users submit a form and you get their submissions in a spreadsheet. Open the spreadsheet with Microsoft Excel, then sort, edit, build reports, etc.
The downloaded file has a .CSV extension. CSV is a simple file format used to store tabular data, such as a spreadsheet or database. Many databases support a CSV import.

Form Autoresponder

With Pro forms you can turn on a form Autoresponder.
Once a person submits your HTML form, the Autoresponder will send an email message to that person.
It can be used for providing reassurance that the form submission has been received, advising what to do next, providing a discount coupon code and more.

File Upload

The Upload functionality lets you receive files from your clients.
It works with all forms and you can receive multiple files simultaneously.

Signature pad

The Signature pad allows you to request a visitor's signature together with the submitted form.
It works great with PDF documents. Your form can generate a PDF and you get a signed PDF file!

Multiple email recipients

Pro forms can send data to 8 email addresses.
To add, edit or delete email recipients, you just need to log in to your account and simply type your emails into the text fields.
You don't need to change any HTML code on your website.

Form to PDF

This is a great feature when you want to transform your visitor's submission into a PDF file.
It works great with a Signature pad.
The PDF file easily be printed or shared with your business partners and co-workers.

Accept Credit Card data from customers

Accept credit card data from your customers.
Log in to your 100forms account via encrypted connection and copy sensitive information such as credit card numbers to your local computer.
Work with your merchant provider to bill credit cards.

IP blocking

Use it if you wish to block some unwanted visitor that sends you annoying messages. You can block as many IPs as you wish.

Removal of the backlink

Even though we would love your help in promoting our services, it is not mandatory for the Pro account.
Feel free to remove our backlink.

Priority support

Because we care about your business, Pro forms clients receive priority support.

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