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How to

• Create a simple web form with Form Builder.

If you have an account already please log in, then click the "Form builder" button.
Otherwise go directly to the Form builder by clicking on the "Form builder" button.
Follow the step shown in the video on the right.

• Change your "Email-To address(es)".

Log in to your account. Go to the "My forms" section. Click on the form.
Change your "Email-To address(es)". Click the "Update Form" button.
Note: A Pro account allow up to 8 email addresses. A free account allows 1 email address.

• Direct visitors to a specific page after they submit your form.

Immediately after you start using our code, we'll send you an email with your new account information. Log in to your account, click on "My forms" and click on your new form. Add a URL to the "Return address" field and save your changes.

• Add more forms to your account.

Simply start using your new form. Ensure to log in to your account before coping our code; this will allow the system to set up correct "Email-To address" for your new form. The form will be automatically added to your account. You can see and edit it by clicking on the "My forms" menu.

• Hide your email address from robots that try to steal it from your site.

Immediately after you start using our code, we'll send you an email with your new account login. This means that your email address is saved to your profile. Now you can remove your email address from your code so robots can't find it. Your code contains a snippet like this:

<script type="text/javascript"

Remove your email address so your code looks like this:

<script type="text/javascript"

Your form will continue working as normal. With your email removed, robots can no longer steal your email address and your security is improved.

And this becomes even easier if you log in to your account before coping our code. The system will know your "Email-To address" automatically. It will be hidden from robots.
The "Email-To address(es)" can be changed in your profile in the "My forms" section.

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